After an exciting and life-changing week, I have a newfound respect for the way God moves so gracefully and lovingly through the His people. He urges gently, touches powerfully, yet remains an unfathomable mystery to all of us. He is ever so near, yet He won’t force Himself upon us if we don’t want Him.

What I have really taken away from this trip is how much God loves me. It’s a simple fact, it’s something I’ve known ever since I accepted Him into my heart, but He not only loves me, He likes me. The Creator of the world likes who I am: my bursts of energy as well as my need for silence and solitude, all my strengths and weaknesses, all my triumphs and failures, all of me. He likes the person that I am. He likes me because He made me this way. And all He wants to do is just smile at me and tell me how proud He is of who I am, who I’m becoming, and who He knows I can be.

When we forget that God loves us, when we forget how much He loves us, we lose focus about everything around us: our purpose, how to love, what (Who) to live for, etc.

Remind me of Your love daily.

Remind me of the place You brought me out of and the person You’ve made me today.

Remind me of the times You drew near to me and comforted me when I opened my heart to You in times of trouble and pain.

Remind me of the times I ran away from You, thinking there were other things out there that could fill my emptiness, and how I slowly walked back to You, head hung in shame and guilt, yet You took me back with open arms.

Remind me how much of a good and loving Father You are.

Thank you for restoring my identity so that I may be able to do the same for others. Give me the boldness and courage to speak truth into other people’s hearts so they may see how powerful and important they are to You. Let me be a living and walking testimony of Your love and Your commitment to us as Your children.

Let me speak in freedom, knowing that Jesus died for all of this, and I have every reason to be joyful in the truth and proud of who I am in Christ.

Your love is a bottomless ocean.
Your love is a neverending sea.

Abba, I belong to You and You alone. Remind me every day that Your love is my reality, and only Your love should define me.


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