I love TED talks

This is one of the many videos that I’ve enjoyed watching from TED talks. I know I’ve focused a lot on my introversion lately, but I really feel that God’s been affirming me in my introversion, that it’s not something I should be ashamed of, but rather, it should be a part of me that I should appreciate and hold on to, because it’s unique to who I am. I love working with people and going out to have fun, but I also love sitting by myself at the arboretum to reflect, think, and bring out my creativity in times of need. I’m sure that God has spoken to me most clearly in my times “in the wilderness,” as Susan Cain describes the place of solitude, and I think those moments are the most important and pivotal in my walk with God. I’m praying that God will continue to speak to me in those moments and use my introversion to further His kingdom, in whatever form that will take.


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