As I’m still processing everything that happened in the last week, I realize that I’ve been pretty satisfied in spite of being scared, discouraged, unsure, insecure, upset, joyful, enlightened, encouraged, among many other emotions. I’ve encountered God so much more tangibly in the last week, and I’ve been filled to my heart’s content, sometimes to the point where I have to back away and calm myself. Haha I know I’m being super vague. 

One of the most important things I learned this week is our need to overflow with God’s love. Jimmy showed us this message with a pitcher. As he slowly poured water into the pitcher, he constantly asked the congregation, “Is this considered full? What about this?” As the water got closer to the brim of the pitcher, it still wasn’t full. It wasn’t until the water spilled out of the pitcher that we declared the pitcher was full. In a spiritual sense, we won’t know that we’re full until we’re overflowing with the Spirit. When we’re not overflowing with love and grace and mercy, we’re simply safe, like the water sitting still in the pitcher, not filling up the pitcher to its max capacity. It’s safe because the water won’t spill over, but it won’t fill up the pitcher. You want the water to spill. You want it to overflow so that the water can reach other people, so they can feel and experience even droplets of the Living Water. 

Sometimes, I feel dry. I feel like I’m at a plateau. But that’s why I keep myself involved in my community. You need friends who can tell you when you’re dehydrated, when you need more water to fill you up. With prayer and community, God will provide, and you will be more than satisfied with what you’ll receive from Him and the people around you.

More posts to come as I try to comprehend all that happened in the last week. God has challenged me and encouraged me in multiple ways, and I am thankful for this blessed experience.


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