Before and after

United Pursuit Band came to UC Davis today, and about 50 of us from different fellowships came together to worship and pray together. It was definitely refreshing and much needed. All of us got so pumped for Mission 316 coming up (I’ll probably post about that another time). Basically, it’s a week long event on the quad where we just offer booths for games, music, dancing, and self-expression to invite everyone to come and participate for free, and by the end of the week we’ll have a gospel message and worship. It gives us, the body of Christ, the chance to come together from different fellowships and reach out to the students on our campus, and it also gives the students a chance to hear the good news and experience the love of God through all the activities, games, music, and entertainment.

One of the members of United Pursuit told us to share our testimony in 30 seconds with a neighbor, describing who we were before we met Jesus and what happened after we met Jesus. I never thought of it as something so simple: just describe who you were before Jesus and who you are now. When I had to deliver that in 30 seconds, I knew what I wanted to say: Before I knew Jesus, I didn’t know what love was. I didn’t think there was love out there for me, and I didn’t think I deserved any love. After I met Jesus, I knew there was Someone out there who loved me for who I am. So simple, yet it can be so powerful for someone who hasn’t experienced this Love yet. At that moment, I knew that I had the power to share God’s love just by sharing my story, simple as that.

I’m way too excited for Mission 316, and I’m way too excited to see how I can be used on this campus.

By the way, Michael Ketterer is fantastic. Can’t stop listening to this.


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