A fundamental truth about God

“Sam, do you believe that God is real?”
“Um… Sometimes.”

Wait, what? I totally didn’t expect that response. I’ve known him for about 4-5 years now. We grew up in the same church and worked as counselors together, and he tells me that he’s not sure if God is real? Are you serious?

“Why only sometimes?”
“Well, when I go through hard times and suffering, I feel like he’s not there.”

For me, God being real was not a question. I’ve experienced him, I’ve encountered him, I know he’s real. But for Sam, it was a different story. At first, I was really confused, but I understood where he was coming from. If you don’t believe that God’s real, you can’t believe everything else about him: his goodness, his provision, his kindness, his intervention in suffering, etc. If you can believe that God is real, you will then believe that everything about him is real, and everything he says is real. You can’t believe that he’s always there by your side if you don’t believe he is real. You can’t believe that he’s always good and faithful if you don’t believe he is real. For Sam, he might not trust in God’s provision because he questions God’s existence, and that’s something he’ll have to wrestle with, something between him and God only. I’m just praying for God to reveal himself to Sam, so that he can experience God’s goodness and love for him and know for himself that God is real. 

Today, Danielle led a class at the DCF house called “Foundations of Faith,” and she focused on the fundamental truths about God. The list started with “God is real.” She said, “If you think about the people we have relationships with, whether it be our families, friends, or significant other, we only have that relationship with them because they are real. You can’t have a relationship with someone who isn’t real. And that is the same with God. You can’t have a relationship with him if he’s not real.” 

That shook me up. This was an inherent truth, a part of God’s character that I always thought was true, but did I really think about it? Did I ever truly realize this truth? 

God is real, and I can have a relationship with him because he is real.

God created us for relationships. He wanted to be in a relationship with us, and he wants us to have meaningful relationships with other people here on earth as well. In 1 John 4:8, it says that God is love. He created us and loves us, he wants us to love him, he wants us to love the people around us, and all of this is real. 

How often do we think about the fundamental truths about God and know it in our hearts that they are true? God is real. When we truly grasp that concept, then we can begin to understand the other characteristics of God: God is faithful. God is true. God is love. God is kind. God is good. God is near. God is grace. And there’s so much more to God’s character.

The concept of God is so simple in the sense that it shouldn’t be complicated. There’s definitely depth to the Gospel, but it shouldn’t be complicated. God is real, and he loves us more than we’ll ever know or comprehend. And as we continue to walk with God, he’ll continue to reveal himself to us in bits and pieces. Even in those brief moments of revelation, I am blown away by his love and grace towards me, and it leaves me in awe of his greatness. I can’t even begin to express the joy, the crazy tingly feelings up my spine when I have these epitomes. I can soak in these experiences and use them to push me forward as I continue my walk, to continue searching for more of him and his love. 

God is real, and as I continue to declare that every day, I can begin to truly believe in his character and all the things he says he’ll do for me. 


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