Late night conversations

Kari Jobe – Love Came Down

Brian Johnson – Love Came Down

I will remind myself of all that You’ve done
And the life I have because of Your Son
Love came down and rescued me
Love came down and set me free
And I am Yours, I am forever Yours
Mountain high and valley low
I’ll sing out and remind my soul
I am Yours, I am forever Yours

Since college started, I’ve had some of the best conversations just these last couple of nights on Facebook message until past 2 AM, with someone that I’ve known for 6 years but never said much to. The circumstances that led up to us getting closer in college have substantiated God’s perfect timing and knowledge of my wants and needs. I’m so humbled and still in shock. Our most recent conversation revolved around our family background, the things we went through as a child, and how that’s affected us now that we’re older. As much as it’s true that what you go through as a child directly affects the way you grow up, it’s also true that people can’t truly understand what you’ve gone through if they haven’t been through it themselves. And that’s proven so true in our conversation tonight. Now I know for sure that God has provided this friend for me so that we can build off of one another’s hurts and struggles, build each other UP, and provide reassurance, comfort, and a sense of understanding to one another. The only reason why we got close was because of God, and we’ve both acknowledged that from the moment we started speaking to one another at the interfellowship event, God held the foundation for our friendship; there was no way we could’ve gotten close in such a short amount of time had it not been Him guiding us to find one another at the perfect time to build this friendship.

The song “Love Came Down” reminds me that although my friend and I are both broken as a result of the way we were raised and the not-so-good experiences that affected us growing up, I can be assured of my identity in Christ as His child. I can be sure that no matter what I’ve been through as a child, or what I have yet to go through as an adult, I will always be God’s child, and He will always love me unconditionally. No matter how I’ve been mistreated in the past, I can have faith that God will always be there for me, and His love and presence will always be the only constant in my life. Always, always, always. And as I’m still going through the healing process, I know that God will remain by my side, walking me through it all. And of course, He’s conveniently placed certain friends in my life to help me through the process as well. I can’t even begin to describe how thankful I am. These late night conversations have given me so much hope, renewing my faith in God’s provision for me as well as my family and friends. If we only have confidence and faith in His abilities, He can do all things and make all things possible.


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