DCF Christmas Large Group

It’s been a crazy month since the first time I went to a DCF large group. Once again, I thank Jena Du for bringing me to DCF and pushing me to go to fall retreat, both being the best decisions ever. I cannot emphasize how much being in DCF has changed my entire outlook on life, especially how I view/treat other people and myself. Everyone in DCF is just so loving and welcoming that it’s hard not to love them. But the craziest thing is that they ACTUALLY love and welcome everyone. It’s not a facade they put up, it’s not for show; these people genuinely love people, and I guess this is slowly rubbing off on me. I’m trying really hard to work on myself to be more loving and considerate toward others, and I can definitely feel the Holy Spirit working to change my heart. I definitely need to pray about this a lot more.

ANYWAY. Back to the reason why I wanted to write this post. Liane and the worship team wanted to do a Christmas-themed service for our last large group of the quarter, and it was definitely eye-opening and surprising to me (in a good way). We sang some traditional Christmas songs, like “Come All Ye Faithful” and “O Come O Come Emmanuel,” and I’ve heard of these songs, but I never paid attention to the lyrics. As Will and Marc tied in Bible verses between the songs to illustrate the story of Jesus’ birth, I slowly began to realize the truth in the words of the songs. People have been singing these songs for ages, and the lyrics really reflect the timeless truths of God’s love for humankind and Jesus’ birth as the greatest hope for mankind. It was such a blessing to hear the Christmas story once again and understand it in a completely different way. God has definitely blessed the worship team with such great talents, and I was so moved by their music. It was truly an inspiring night, and I loved seeing old and new faces alike. We were all praising and worshipping the same God, no matter if we were Christians or not, and I’m sure that everyone walked out of large group tonight feeling some sort of change, whether it be in the way we perceived the Christmas story or just in the way we feel about ourselves. I feel so grateful to be a part of this community where my brothers and sisters are so in love with God, which is a passion that I’ve never seen before. God is definitely bringing forth a new flame within all of us, and we have all been praying for revival on campus, here at Davis. We’ll continue to pray for the Holy Spirit to work in the hearts of everyone here, so that we may be living proof of God’s love for us. This large group was so encouraging and inspiring for me, and I hope to retain this flame within me to continue to grow and learn more about the Heavenly Father. 


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